Re-Employment of Local Workforce

Tadweer, initiated by Jusour in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor & Ministry of Interior, is a strategic re-employment program for Qatar's private sector.

The program aims to support companies in financial or legal distress (as classified by the Ministry of Labor) and facilitates workforce downsizing or expansion. Tadweer's key focus is to enhance employment opportunities for expatriate workers and support struggling companies by providing access to skilled labor from the Qatar market.

Beneficiaries include individuals seeking new job opportunities and employers (both struggling and stable) looking to hire experienced, Qatar-based workers. The program involves coordination with various stakeholders including current and new employers, Qatar-based job-seekers, and the Ministries of Labor and Interior.

Requirements for Eligibility: 

1. Employers Seeking Resources:

  • Looking for a skilled and Qatar-based workforce.
  • Seeking to hire promptly, bypassing the hassle of expatriate recruitment.
  • Willing to hire talent with local exposure and experience.
  • Must be financially solvent and legally compliant.
  • Required to provide necessary documents and additional ones upon request.

2. Individuals Seeking Employment:

  • Must have been terminated or seeking to change employers.
  • Willing to seek new opportunities and transfer sponsorship
  • Have no objection to a smooth sponsorship transfer.
  • Hold a valid Qatar Residency.

3. Current Employers Facing Financial or Legal Challenges:

  • Seeking to downsize their workforce due to financial/legal challenges.
  • Have a skilled workforce able to work onshore for other companies.
  • Unable to continue operating in the marketplace.
  • Listed by the Ministry of Labor as a struggling company.
  • Willing to downsize their workforce or release all employees.

Required Documents: 

Employer seeking resources:

  • Company Establishment card
  • Company Commercial Registration
  • Company Commercial License
  • Financial Solvency Certificate
  • Company Tax Form.
  • Pictures of Employees' Accommodation 

Current employers facing financial or legal challenges and seeking to reduce their workforce.

  • Company Establishment Card