Message from CEO

Eng. Abdulhadi Bakhit Barqan

CEO of Jusour

The selection of our new company name, Jusour, indicates the essence of our purpose. Alongside our partners, we seek to build innovative and sustainable bridges to connect employers and prospective employees. We want to transform dreams to opportunities and aspirations to accomplishments.

It is my pleasure, alongside my colleagues at Jusour, to contribute to this exceptional opportunity to impact our nation’s Vision 2030.

Our success at Jusour rests on innovative ideas and adaptive solutions. For this reason, we worked with our partners to develop employment programs using platform technology solutions to identify distinguishing professional skills and experiences, referencing international best practices to consider the rights of all parties, and recognizing the importance of robust and effective legislations to address market challenges.

We invite you all to be our partners in our efforts to develop and advance, building bridges towards our aspiration and working together for an inclusive and dynamic labour market. We are certain that our collective efforts will have a positive impact towards our collective goals.

Let us work together to build our common future, unifying against challenges with unprecedented determination and passion.