About Jusour

Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) is a private joint-stock company wholly owned by the Government of Qatar, and functions as an independent legal entity. 

As a pioneering company that's committed to enriching Qatar’s workforce and bolstering the nation’s dynamic growth, we are dedicated to facilitating smooth entry into Qatar and ensuring the retention and attraction of talents and professionals within the State and from around the world. 

Aligned with Qatar's National Vision 2030, which seeks to foster a harmonious balance between economic advancements and the optimal utilization of human and natural resources, Jusour offers tailored programs that empower students based in higher education institutions and universities (within the State), professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies. Through promoting skill enhancement, innovation, and sustainable economic development, Jusour is steadfast in its commitment to connecting talent with diverse opportunities, contributing to shaping Qatar as an accessible and rewarding place to live and work. Within this environment, individuals flourish amidst Qatar’s advanced and high-quality infrastructure, leveraging the nation's state-of-the-art services in every aspect of life. This strategic approach further reinforces Qatar's standing as a global epicenter of opportunity and advancement.

Embark on a transformative journey with Jusour, where modernity meets opportunity, and your aspirations meet our vision for a labor market pulsating with innovation, adaptability, and endless growth opportunities in a vibrant community of enduring success.

Our vision

To be a key stimulus for Qatar's labor market and a leader in enabling partnerships.

Our mission

To deliver a suite of high-quality services that serves both job seekers and employers to retain and attract talent for employment in Qatar’s labour market.