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The Mustaqel Program, spearheaded by Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour), stands as a groundbreaking initiative in Qatar's dynamic landscape. Designed to invigorate the nation's labour market, this program offers a strategic 5-year residency permit, welcoming a diverse array of global entrepreneurs, extraordinary talents, and skilled professionals.

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Sahem offers a unique platform for part-time employment opportunities for currently active university Students. It also seeks to give a Visa Extension to non-Qatari graduates. Additionally, the program extends its reach to support People with Disabilities, and Family Sponsored Dependents, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all. The program stands as a beacon of Jusour's dedication to fostering a vibrant, diverse, and sustainable workforce in Qatar, starting with the next generation of talent.

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The Tadweer Program aims to provide support to struggling companies and enable companies seeking new workers to access skilled labour from the Qatar market. Additionally, it seeks to enhance the employment situation for expatriate workers by creating job opportunities in establishments that adhere to the specified terms and conditions.

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The Exceptional Employment program is considered one of the most important strategic projects that Jusour Company seeks to implement to achieve its strategic objectives, which are in line with the Third National Development Strategy. It is based on linking the needs of government and private entities in the State of Qatar with human calibers seeking work opportunities through concluding agreements with governmental, regional, and international partners, and recruitment companies outside the State of Qatar.

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'Sahem Card Holders' are eligible for various benefits provided by our partners across different categories including discounts and VIP services.

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