28 Nov 2023

Jusour’s participation in the ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Qatar Investment

The Ministry of Labor celebrated a milestone moment with the signing of a pivotal agreement with Qatar Investment, aimed at fostering collaboration to uplift the nation's workforce and talent development. This initiative underscores a commitment to human development, with a keen focus on catalyzing economic growth and the establishment of a knowledge-based economy.

As part of this significant collaboration, Qatar Manpower Solutions Co. (Jusour) was honoured with an invitation to showcase its diverse range of programs and initiatives.

Mr. Ibrahim Al-Mulla, Head of Operations, took the opportunity to highlight Jusour's integral role in invigorating Qatar's labor market and emphasized the company's dedication to promoting workforce diversity.

Al-Mulla elaborated on Jusour's comprehensive programs, including the Sahem initiative designed to provide part-time job opportunities for university students. He also discussed the company's commitment to support graduates from Qatari universities and higher education institutions by extending residency opportunities.

This collaborative effort signifies a pivotal step towards reinforcing Qatar's position as a hub for talent development, economic prosperity, and sustainable growth.


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