Our Programs

Jusour delivers a suite of services under multiple programs targeting job seekers and employers seeking access to and participation in Qatar's Labor Market.

Through its various programs, Jusour Company strives to develop and stimulate the Qatari labor market with innovation and diversity. We aim to provide benefits and opportunities for all.

“ At Jusour, we believe that today's opportunities build tomorrow."

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Tawzeef (Recruitment)

Hiring campaigns for local entities

Tawzeef (Recruitment) program aims to manage hiring campaigns for local entities through MOUs with governments, recruitment agencies, and overseas partners. Goals: To create an effective and efficient platform to meet...

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Re-Employment of Local Workforce

Tadweer, initiated by Jusour in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor & Ministry of Interior, is a strategic re-employment program for Qatar's private sector. The program aims to support companies...

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Sahem - Employment for People with Disabilities

Employment for People with Disabilities

The Sahem Program for Employing People with Disabilities is dedicated to empowering students with special needs in the private sector, both Qataris and residents, across all universities based in Qatar....

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Sahem - Student Part-time Work Program

Student Part-time Work Program

At Jusour, we recognize the importance of providing part-time work opportunities for students and other non-economically active segments of the population. That is why we are introducing the Sahem program....

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Sahem - Graduating Student Visa Extension

Graduating Student Visa Extension

Sahem Graduating Student Visa Extension program aims to support graduating students in Qatar by offering them the opportunity to gain a 1-year visa extension in Qatar while looking for jobs....